Interview with Joao Freire on Place Branding Practices in Portugal and the Middle East

Travel with us to Portugal for this interview with Joao Freire, Professor in Marketing and Director of the Masters Programme in Marketing Management at IPAM/Universidade Europeia, in Lisbon. Joao is a founding member of the recently formed International Place Branding Association.

Learn about:

  • Why branding a place is so much more complex than branding a product or service;
  • The top five ingredients for successful place branding;
  • Where in the world do you see most interest in place branding research and practice;
  • His thoughts on Brand Lisbon;
  • How the brand image of Portugal changed over the last ten years;
  • Trends in destination marketing;
  • The main challenges – and opportunities – for country branding in Africa and the Middle East;
  • The top five ingredients necessary for successful place branding.

Joao, when did you first come across the concept of place branding?

The first time was in 1999. It was a new and exciting concept that both researchers and practitioners were realizing was relevant, but there was not much research in this area. Back then, the term Place Branding wasn't clearly defined nor universally accepted, as it is now. So it was a very exciting time and there was an entire new field to consider and investigate.

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