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Gregory Pomerantsev on Aviation, Travel and Place Branding

Gregory Pomerantsev on city brands, airBaltic, Belarus country branding and the role of aviation and airlines in place branding

Nikolaj Lubanski of Copenhagen Capacity on Talent Attraction: Strategies, Trends and Challenges

Nikolaj Lubanski of Copenhagen Capacity about talent attraction strategies, trends and challenges.

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Europe

Place branding practice in Europe: European place brand developers, managers and marketers share their thoughts on place branding approaches in Europe.

Reflections on the International Branding Strategy of the Nordic Region

Research summary and region branding case study by Johannes Magnus on the international brand positioning strategy of the Nordic region in Europe.

How Stockholm Positioned Itself as The Capital of Scandinavia: City Branding Example

Julian Stubbs of Up There, Everywhere reflects on the city branding successes and challenges of Stockholm as "The Capital of Scandinavia."

Marcus Andersson on Talent Attraction and Place Attractiveness

Meet Marcus Andersson, co-founder of Future Place Leadership (formerly Tendensor International): adviser, writer and speaker on the attractiveness and reputation of places.
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