Interview with Nikolaj Lubanski of Copenhagen Capacity on Talent Attraction: Strategies, Trends and Challenges

Nikolaj Lubanski, Director of Talent Attraction at Copenhagen Capacity, in this interview tells us how the Danish capital approaches the challenging task of attracting and retaining international talent. He also shares useful advice on how to succeed in talent attraction. Learn how, through innovating their talent attraction management systems, cities can benefit from the broader trends and changes currently taking place.

Learn about:

  • Copenhagen's strategy to attract international skilled talent;
  • Why a strong city reputation is not enough to attract international talent;
  • How Copenhagen Capacity works with and benefits from the city's tourism marketing;
  • The key to talent attraction success;
  • Major trends in talent attraction and retention.

Nikolaj, as Copenhagen’s “Chief Talent Attractor”, what experiences did you bring back home to Denmark, after having been working and living in the Czech Republic and Germany?

Most importantly, an international mindset. In my posting in the Czech Republic, I went on the journey we are sending our international professionals on. An exciting journey but also a challenging one, if you don’t have a network at your destination and cannot find the needed assistance to settle in. That's why we have a strong focus on assisting international talent when moving to Denmark.

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The Editorial Team

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