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Mia Kemppaala, Founder of Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu, Finland

Mia Kemppaala, founder of Polar Bear Pitching in the city of Oulu in Finland's north, tells us how the event came all about, why Polar Bear Pitching has become so important for the city and why it is important to sometimes take a jump into the cold water, embracing the unknown.

Helena Renström on How to Use City Branding for Investment Attraction

Helena Renström, marketing manager of Skellefteå municipality in Sweden in this interview tells us how this small Swedish community managed to attract the country's largest battery plant. She also reflects on why place branding has to be linked to place development, and which pitfalls city brand managers should avoid.

Nordic Place Branding Conference, Copenhagen March 2018: Highlights

Summary of the Nordic Place Branding conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2018, covering topics such as talent attraction strategies, brand management and destination marketing ideas.

Tobias Grut on The Nordics Region Branding Challenges and Benefits

Tobias Grut, Project Manager of Branding the Nordic Region, on how The Nordics as region brand is helping Nordic countries gain traction internationally, the challenges of region branding and which major trends will influence the work of place branding professionals in 2018.

How the Oslo Brand Toolbox Supports the City Branding of the Norwegian Capital

The Oslo Brand Toolbox is an innovative city branding strategy and example worth following. Oslo Brand Manager Tone-Lise Vilje in this case study tells us how the Oslo Brand Toolbox works, and how it supports the Norwegian capital's economic development and talent attraction ambitions.

Helena Nordström on Place Branding in Sweden and Characteristics of Successful Place Brands

Helena Nordström of the Swedish consulting business Placebrander in this interview shares her experience with place branding in Sweden.
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