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John Strelecky on How Finding Your True Purpose as City or Destination Will Lead to Success

John Strelecky shares how finding and focusing on their true purpose will help cities, regions or destinations succeed with attracting talent, investors or visitors.

Jason McGrath Speaker Profile

Jason McGrath is a data-driven reputation strategist helping places, governments, and corporations to understand the unique strengths of their reputation, identify gaps in perception...


Ipsos is the third largest global market research firm. It delivers information and analysis that makes our complex world easier and faster to navigate and inspires its clients to make smarter decisions.

How Antioch in Northern California Became the City of Opportunity | A Rebranding Story

Why and how the Northern Californian city of Antioch went through a rebranding process: a city branding case study told be David Kippen, co-founder and director of Evviva Brands.

Evviva Brands

Evviva Brands is a full-service brand marketing agency. Services include brand research, strategy, positioning and expression. Find out more in this company profile.

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