David Gertner, Pace University, on Strategic Place Marketing

David Gertner, Associate Professor at Pace University in New York City, in this interview tells us what got him interested in the marketing, branding and reputation of places and where he sees the main challenges - both in terms of place branding research and practice.

Learn about:

  • How strategic place marketing can help places promote economic development;
  • Why there needs to be more empirical research contributing to the field;
  • Some of the possible gaps between research and practice;
  • A few of the ways to measure the success of place branding initiatives.

David, what got you interested in place branding?

My interest on the topic began when I moved to the USA to pursue a doctoral degree at Northwestern University. Then, I was staggered by the limited knowledge average Americans had about foreign countries.

Most people I met knew practically nothing about Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro, where I grew up. When they did and asked me questions about the country and the city, they seemed interested only in confirming the stereotypes they held. I kept thinking about how place images, particularly troubled ones, affected their tourism, exports, and investment attraction.

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The Editorial Team

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