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What’s the Difference Between Branding, Image, Marketing, and Promotion?

What's the difference between the terms branding, image, promotion, and marketing? Our expert panel shares answers. Timely advice for place brand professionals.

Don Dioko on Macau, Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding in China

Don Dioko, Professor and Director of the International Tourism Research Centre in Macau, China, reflects on tourism marketing and destination branding research. He also addresses the pitfalls of region branding, refering to China’s Greater Bay Area development.

Julian Stubbs on City Branding of Liverpool, Stockholm, Place Marketing Challenges and Trends

Julian Stubbs discusses the maturing practice of place branding, the case of Stockholm, destination and city marketing trends, challenges and developments, and the Liverpool Place Branding event 2018.

Gert-Jan Hospers on Urban and Regional Development and Place Marketing

Geography Professor Gert-Jan Hospers of the Netherlands discusses the challenges of marketing former industrial cities and using place branding to beat demographic shrinkage.

How Israel Used Micro-Marketing to Improve Country Brand Perceptions

Amir Grinstein, Associate Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University (USA) and VU Amsterdam (the Netherlands), shares his research findings on how Israel used micro-marketing as attempt to (re)position the country and improve its image abroad.

How Much Does the Branding and Marketing of Places Cost?

How much does place branding cost? Renaud Vuignier gives examples of budgets spent for the marketing and branding of cities, regions, destinations or countries.
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