Destination Sustainability Performance: How Important For Competitiveness?

Does a destination's sustainability performance influence its competitiveness? That's the question we asked our panel of sustainable tourism experts. A question which is becoming more important - and receiving more attention - now that more and more cities and tourist sites are forced into crisis management mode due to tourism overcrowding and other issues affecting their quality and sustainability.

Below the answers (in alphabetical order). We've decided to publish those in full (only edited for length and clarity) - rather than just a thematic summary - so you can benefit from the whole picture and the variety of aspects and opinions on the topic.

Our key takes:

  • Sustainability means competitiveness when it positively influences visitor experiences.
  • Destinations with strong sustainability performance are more likely to attract investors.
  • Sustainable destinations have happier residents, which means friendlier locals for visitors to meet.
  • Tourism does not operate in isolation. It needs other industries and general place development to also be sustainable.
  • Many other factors influence the competitiveness of a destination, including accessibility.

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The Editorial Team

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