How to Ensure Destination Sustainability and Resilience Post Covid-19? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Two

Our recent white paper on destination sustainability and resilience post Covid-19 is the topic of the second episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, hosted by Florian Kaefer and produced by Aleks Vladimirov.

In this episode, Florian and Aleks discuss sustainability in connection with tourism, and highlight some of the 10 tips shared by our expert panel, how to resume tourism sustainably once restrictions ease and destinations can welcome international visitors again, after the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to the episode HERE (PodBean) or below.

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White paper on destination sustainability and resilience post Covid-19

You are a destination developer, manager or marketer? Benefit from free advice, generously shared by our panel, on how to resume tourism sustainably once destinations open again to international visitors.

Download the white paper in English HERE

¿Cómo reanudar la actividad turística después de la pandemia, asegurando la sostenibilidad?

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