Interview with Martin Boisen on City Branding, Marketing and Place Management

Meet Martin Boisen, independent advisor at BOISEN: For the Love of Place, co-founder of Phønix: The International Place Branding Panel and lecturer at the University of Groningen. Over the last ten years, Martin Boisen has been involved in around 70 projects related to place branding, especially in connection with cities. In this interview he shares his experience from working at the coal face of place brand strategy development and brand management.

Learn about:

  • The difference between place marketing and place branding;
  • His key insights from 10 years as adviser on city branding and urban strategy;
  • How to measure the effectiveness of place branding in an urban or regional context;
  • Why place branding doesn't work without place management.

Martin, when did you discover your passion for cities?

I was born and raised in the middle of Copenhagen (Denmark), but my family comes from the rural border-region between Denmark and Germany. Every vacation spend there underlined the many differences between life in the countryside and life in the city.

When I started traveling - mostly to Central and Eastern European cities which were incredible cheap in the years after the fall of the Berlin Wall - I fell in love with cities like Prague and Budapest and from there on it just kind of grew on me. Since then I’ve visited close to 600 cities and towns all over the world, and I remain curious about how they originate, develop and how it is to live in them.

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The Editorial Team

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