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Research Update on Cultural Heritage, Soft Power, and Digital Diplomacy

Summary of latest research on enhancing city brand equity, refining soft power measurement, and employing digital diplomacy effectively.

What’s the Difference Between Branding, Image, Marketing, and Promotion?

What's the difference between the terms branding, image, promotion, and marketing? Our expert panel shares answers. Timely advice for place brand professionals.

Marketing Countries, Places, and Place-associated Brands – Book Review

Nicolas Papadopoulos on the key insights shared in the new book, Marketing Countries, Places and Place-associated Brands: Identity and Image.

What Is Place Brand Management? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Four

What exactly is place branding - or perhaps better - place brand management all about? We asked Martin Boisen in this fourth episode of the Place Brand Leaders Podcast.

Conceptual Clarity on the Difference Between Place Promotion, Marketing and Branding: Martin Boisen

What's the difference between place promotion, marketing and branding? Martin Boisen explains in this episode of the Adapt Inc. places podcast by Aleks Vladimirov.

The Nordic Wave in Place Branding | New Book

Cecilia Cassinger, Andrea Lucarelli and Szilvia Gyimóthy introduce us to "The Nordic Wave in Place Branding" - a new book just published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Read what Nordic place branding is all about and how it differs from other approaches.
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