Interview with Gonzalo Brujó on Place Branding Strategies and Factors Determining Brand Strength

Gonzalo Brujó, CEO EMEA and Latin America of Interbrand Consultancy, in this interview gives advice on how to measure the value, effectiveness and ROI of the place brands of cities, destinations and countries.

Learn about:

  • How digital communication both supports and complicates the place branding process;
  • The main factors for a robust place brand;
  • The three pillars for success of place branding initiatives;
  • Why building a successful brand takes time;
  • The 10 factors determining brand strength;
  • How to measure place brand value.

Gonzalo, which aspect of place branding do you find most fascinating?

Similar to all brands when they undergo a branding process, I like the fact that place brands present themselves in outstanding ways through their brand raising notoriety, awareness, influence and engagement, of what they are and what they stand for.

Reality is that if you have a solid brand you will have happier citizens, attract investments and definitely drive new visitors to your place.

I am fascinated by the power of synchronization, being able to coordinate all stakeholders and touch-points under one place. The secret of brand success, I find, is having the ability to have all the stakeholders aligned between the business strategy, the design strategy to ultimately drive growth as a mayor pillar of well-being in the place you are in.

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