How Tourism Advertising Impacts Destination Image and Country Reputation: Example Bangladesh

Imran Hasnat, a Doctoral Student of Media Studies at University of Oklahoma, and Elanie Steyn, PhD, University of Oklahoma, in a recent study explored the bleed-over effect of tourism advertising on destination image and country reputation, using the TV commercial, “School of Life,” of Bangladesh Tourism Board’s “Beautiful Bangladesh” campaign as example.

We caught up with Imran to learn about the results of the study, which was published in the Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.

Imran, you recently published an article on the “bleed-over effect” of tourism advertising on people’s perceptions of destinations – using Bangladesh as case study. What brought you to investigating this topic?

I grew up and have lived in Bangladesh most of my life. My co-author has visited Bangladesh several times and has developed a fascination with the country and its people. Together we have discussed many times how it is that a country that offers so much has over decades been portrayed in such a negative light, resulting in such a poor international image.

We were approached to participate in a publication that focuses on international country image and how different countries have used diplomacy efforts and tourism as tools to change their image. We decided to investigate the “Beautiful Bangladesh” campaign, and to test how this campaign could potentially change an international audience’s perception about Bangladesh as a country, its people and its government.

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The Editorial Team

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