Antonios Giannopoulos on Destination Branding, Tourism and Innovation

Antonios Giannopoulos is an expert in marketing and communication, specialising in the services industry with accumulated experience in marketing strategy and implementation. Antonios currently serves as the Programme Manager of BA/MA at the Hotel and Tourism Management Department of the Business College of Athens (BCA). He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and founder of The Voyager Voice. 

Learn about:

  • Opportunities for innovation in tourism;
  • The differences between destination marketing and destination management;
  • Some of the common mistakes in tourism communication;
  • Three skills needed for tourism managers to be successful.

Antonios, do you remember who or what triggered your initial interest in place marketing and place branding?

I have always liked the picture of people with somewhere to go. Seeking the new place, the new destination did actually challenge me the most; many different places, names with little or no differentiation, with various backgrounds and communication efforts.

My initial interest found its way through my first steps in travel journalism in Greece and abroad. Later on, during my MBA, I focused on the measurement of destination image. Although my Ph.D. was in hospitality marketing, I never ceased to deal with the parallel investigation of place and destination branding as well as public and cultural diplomacy.

I travel to explore and accumulate experiences from people and places, which helps me better understand the reality of place marketing and place branding, coupled with their very essence through scholarly research.

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