Interview with Charles Landry on City Brands, Creative Cities and the Urban Age

Charles Landry is among the handful of city thinkers whose work has become an indispensable source of inspiration for urban developers, managers and marketers around the world. In this interview, Charles Landry shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of city branding, creative cities, and the Urban Age.

Learn about:

  • The meaning of city branding;
  • Four challenges in managing city reputation;
  • The link between placemaking and place branding;
  • How strategic place branding can support the sustainable development of cities;
  • Three crucial issues to be tackled in the Urban Age;
  • The priorities in urban marketing and city branding in the near future;
  • Charles Landry's latest book, The Digitized City.

Charles, how did you first become involved in cities and urban change?

I started Comedia, my organization, in 1978, whose initial aim was to explore how radical ideas and transformational organizations got their message across. Over time this evolved into an interest in creativity, and increasingly the creativity of cities as distinct from that of individuals and organizations. I liked the complexity of cities, where differing perspectives and cultures meet, and wanted to know how you could shape this mix into a more coherent whole.

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The Editorial Team

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