David Adam on City Branding, Urban Management and Better Cities

For today's interview we take you to England where David Adam is helping urban developers, managers and marketers to create better cities through smart city branding.

Learn about:

  • How city branding can help to build better cities;
  • Latest trends in urban management;
  • What tomorrow's cities will look like;
  • Challenges cities are likely to face in the near future;
  • Where cities look for funding to stay competitive;
  • Best ways to measure the success of economic development and city branding initiatives.

David, can city branding contribute to the building of better cities?

Economic development is a complex activity, perhaps the most complex activity that humanity undertakes. To bring together multiple organisations, from varied walks of life and make the lives of people better requires everyone to have a shared mission and a shared vision of what they are truly trying to achieve together.

Every organisation has to give consideration to matters of perception and communication. We all have different styles of talking, demonstrating understanding and interacting with each other, so it is very important to find a common language for engagement, a kind of public discourse if you will.

Increasingly in public life in Europe we are seeing the public discourse reduced to often inward facing discussions, the lowest common denominator and insular language.

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The Editorial Team

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