Interview with Eugene D. Jaffe on Israel, Country Image and the Country-of-Origin Effect

Eugene D. Jaffe, Professor of Marketing at the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel, in this interview discusses his research on country image and the case of Israel. He also shares his thoughts on nations, reputation and the power of the country-of-origin effect.

Learn about:

  • The rise of the country-of-origin effect;
  • Eugene Jaffe's thoughts on Brand Israel;
  • Why there are significant differences in the way “international audiences” perceive a given country;
  • Which is the best way to measure a country's image.

Eugene, do you remember the first time you thought about nation branding? What got you interested?

I really do not remember – it is a long time ago. However, I have been involved in country image research since the early 1970's and it probably was an offset of that.

As academic, what fascinates you about nation branding?

The idea that nations can be branded in order to promote their products and services by having a brand. There still is a great challenge of how to create an "umbrella" brand that can promote more than one sector, e.g. products, tourism and investment.

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