Japan Country Performance, Nation Brand Image and Reputation

Japan: How does one of the world’s most developed economies perform in global rankings that measure talent attraction potential, public diplomacy, soft power strength and environmental sustainability? What influence have recent political developments had on the international reputation of Japan? Answers in this summary of global reports, studies and rankings on country performance, brand image and reputation.

Learn about:

  • Ease of doing business in Japan;
  • Japan's global talent competitiveness;
  • The soft power of Japan and its contribution to global well-being;
  • Environmental sustainability and life quality in Japan;
  • Japan's performance as nation brand.

Ease of doing business in Japan

What are the difficulties of starting a business in Japan?

Japan is ranked 34th in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index 2018. The country leads the ranking in resolving insolvencies. On the other hand, Japan could improve the conditions offered for starting new businesses. Lengthy and comparatively expensive procedures and high minimum capital required to start a limited liability company position Japan 106th in the dimension of starting new companies. Japan's ranking in this index is the same as in 2017, yet significantly lower than a decade ago when it was positioned 12th for ease of doing business.

Japan’s ranking in WEF’s 2017-18 Global Competitiveness Index is much higher, 9th. The country’s strongest assets, according to the index, are business sophistication (3rd) market size and infrastructure (both 4th). It also scores in the top 10 for health and primary education (7th) and innovation (8th).

On the other hand, WEF gives Japan’s macroeconomic environment a low rank of 93rd.

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