London City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

London: how does Europe’s financial hub and one of the world’s most influential cities perform in global rankings that study life quality and social sustainability? Is the Brexit-vote having any influence on London’s capacity to attract tourism and talent? What do the different indices say about the reputation of London, its innovation capacity and business attractiveness?

Let's take a closer look at:

  • London's global power;
  • London's talent competitiveness and innovation;
  • London's environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • London's cultural and creative vibrancy;
  • London's performance as city brand and its global reputation.

London’s global power

London leads the Global Power Cities Index (2019) for the eighth consecutive year. Apart from the overall leading position, it also tops the list in the category of cultural interaction and holds 2nd place in three of the six pillars of the study: economy, research and development, and accessibility.

AT Kearney’s 2019 Global Cities ranking puts London in 2nd place, right after New York. Not only does London score high in the Global Cities Index, but it also takes a very high stand (1st) in the Global Cities Outlook, which forecasts a city's future growth and global influence. Here, London is the global leader in the area of cultural experience and also tops several sub-indices such as new agency bureaus, sporting events, international travellers, and culinary offerings.

London's attractiveness

London is the global leader of Resonance Consultancy’s 2020 World’s Best Cities ranking. In this study, London leads in both Programming and Promotion. The city performs strong across five of the six pillars of the indices: product (2nd), people (9th) and prosperity (8th) all fit in the global top-10 of the world’s best cities in 2020.

The study brings out that, despite terror attacks and Brexit, the city is still expected to set new visitor records after the already record-breaking numbers of 2015 and 2016. Annual visits are now more than 25% higher than five years ago. This trend seems to be continuing as the weak British Pound is benefiting international visitors, with arrivals of international travellers up (19.1 million trips in 2018).

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