South Korea Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

South Korea: home to a great history of tradition and culture, the nation and its people have steadily become a top competitor in terms of soft power and talent attraction. The Korean lifestyle, abundant in health and wellness, and the nation's openness to the global community in terms of trade and tourism have aided in leveraging the country's position. But how does South Korea fare as a contributor to global well-being, how strong is its country brand and reputation?

Let’s take a closer look at: 

  • South Korea’s soft power, brand strength and digital demand;
  • Its attractiveness for digital nomads, business, trade and travel;
  • South Korea's contribution to global peace and happiness;
  • Its environmental performance;
  • The country's competitiveness as preferred destination for talent.

With thanks to Brand Finance, Ipsos and Bloom Consulting for supporting our country profiles by contributing latest research insights and benchmarking data.

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The Editorial Team

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