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Eytan Schwartz on Tel Aviv, City Branding and Talent Attraction

Eytan Schwartz, CEO of Tel Aviv Global, in this interview illustrates how the city branding and reputation of Tel Aviv has evolved over time.

Marc Thébault on Place Marketing in France: City Branding Practices, Challenges and Trends

Marc Thébault of the Caen city region in this interview discusses the current state of place marketing and branding in France. Read about success strategies, good practice examples and pitfalls to avoid.

Chris Brown on the Branding and Marketing of Liverpool City Region

Chris Brown in this interview shares his experience of branding and marketing Liverpool City Region - the day-to-day challenges of city branding, pitfalls to avoid and destination marketing trends to watch out for.

Olle Zetterberg on Stockholm Business Region Marketing and Branding

Olle Zetterberg in this interview discusses the challenges and sucesses of branding the Stockholm Business Region, talent attraction and city marketing trends - and pitfalls to avoid.

Peter Pirck on City Branding Practices and Trends in Germany

Peter Pirck of German consultancy Brandmeyer Markenberatung reflects on city branding trends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and discusses ways to measure the economic impact and success of place branding initiatives.

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