Interview with Adriana Campelo about Heritage and Co-Creational Place Branding

Adriana Campelo in this interview discusses the importance of cultural heritage, sensory knowledge and co-creation in the branding of cities, regions and destinations. Adriana is currently the Special Advisor to the city of Salvador in Brazil and its Chief Resilience Officer as part of the 100Resilient Cities initiative by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Learn about:

  • Current trends and concerns in city marketing and branding;
  • How place branding researchers (acafeasdemics) can benefit from practitioners, and vice versa;
  • Sensory knowledge of place and why it should form part of place branding;
  • Ethical criteria for representing places in destination marketing initiatives;
  • Why co-creational branding is key to building sustainable place brands.

Adriana, you were trained in law and business management. Could you tell us what led you to marketing of destinations and what fascinates you about it?

I am absolutely fascinated about how culture shapes places and how culture may influence markets. I’ve worked for many years on attracting foreign direct investments to Brazil and, particularly, to Bahia. As Brazil is a continental country, we are culturally very diverse.

I always believed that it was important to acknowledge culture as a powerful asset for business, for economic development and for attracting investors. What I mean by culture is not only the macro concept of it but also the subtle differences in how people do things.

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The Editorial Team

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