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City Brand Professionals

Øyvind Såtvedt on Brand Development and Management of the Oslo Region

Øyvind Såtvedt on developing and managing the brand of the Oslo Region, the challenges and trends affecting place branding in Scandinavia, Europe.

Fred Dixon on New York City Branding and Reputation Management

Fred Dixon in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, place identity and reputation management of New York City.

Gordon Innes on City Branding, Placemaking and Economic Development

Gordon Innes in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, economic development challenges and the benefits of integrated place management.

Nikolaj Lubanski of Copenhagen Capacity on Talent Attraction: Strategies, Trends and Challenges

Nikolaj Lubanski of Copenhagen Capacity about talent attraction strategies, trends and challenges.

Charles Landry on City Brands, Creative Cities and the Urban Age

Charles Landry in this interview reflects on the challenges and opportunities of the Creative City, the Urban Age, and the role of city branding.

Ben Knapp of Saffron Consultants on Placemaking and Place Branding

Ben Knapp of Saffron Brand Consultants discusses nation branding challenges and the importance of placemaking and asset creation, rather than 'merely' promoting cities or countries.
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