Interview with Bernhard Klein, City and Destination Branding Consultant

Following the Vienna city destination branding case study and reflections by Bernhard Klein earlier this week, in this interview learn more about the challenges in the life of a city brand director and why Vienna is top of the rank as place to live, work and visit.

Learn about:

  • Why destinations are so much more complex than product or corporate brands;
  • The most important task of city branding;
  • How to measure success of place branding initiatives;
  • Sustainability and the related overall ‘Smart City’ theme, and how they have become crucial areas of operation for city authorities;
  • Why tourist boards should either closely collaborate or merge with city marketing;
  • The main challenges in managing a city brand strategically.

Bernhard, when did you first come across the concept of place branding?

Many years ago, the City of Vienna appointed a new tourism director. Vienna is just one of many cities where such positions are filled based on “political affiliation” and loyalty instead of relevant qualification (for example in the field of tourism and marketing or based on university training).

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The Editorial Team

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