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country of origin

Gadis Ranty on Public Diplomacy, Coffee and Indonesia as Country of Origin

Does coffee come to your mind when thinking about Indonesia? Country-of-origin, nation branding and public diplomacy are the passions of Gadis Ranty, a junior official at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Gadis recently wrote an article for the Master of Public Diplomacy blog at the University of Southern California, Annenberg (USA), which was republished in The Jakarta Post. This guest post is an expanded version of the original article, in which Gadis shares her personal view.

Marcus Osborne on Country Brands and Nation Branding in Asia

Marcus Osborne, brand consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in this interview discusses nation branding challenges in Asia, Brand Malaysia and the power of the country-of-origin effect.

Eugene D. Jaffe on Israel, Country Image and the Country-of-Origin Effect

Eugene D. Jaffe, Professor at the Ruppin Academic Center, discusses country image, the case of Israel and the power of the country-of-origin effect.

Nicolas Papadopoulos on Country Image Research and Nation Branding Trends

Nicolas Papadopoulos, Chancellor's Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, in this interview discusses country image research in America and nation branding challenges and trends.

Country Brand Ranking Latin America 2015 – Insights & Trends

FutureBrand Managing Director Gustavo Koniszczer shares key insights from the Country Brand Ranking Latin America survey 2015.

Christopher Luxon on Destination Branding Success And the Role of National Carriers Like Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon discusses the national carrier's role in communicating New Zealand's destination branding, and the country-of-origin benefits.
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