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Gregory Pomerantsev on Aviation, Travel and Place Branding

Gregory Pomerantsev on city brands, airBaltic, Belarus country branding and the role of aviation and airlines in place branding

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Asia

Learn about the current state of place branding in Asia in the eyes of leading place brand developers, managers, researchers and place branding advisors.

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Latin America

Leading place brand developers, managers and marketers share their opinion on the current state of place branding practice in Latin America.

Country Brands: Nation Branding En Vogue (Again)

The Place Brand Observer editor Florian Kaefer reflects on the growing popularity of country brands and nation branding as a means to attract investment, visitors and talent.

Media Coverage of Clean, Green and 100% Pure New Zealand

Summary of research conducted for assessing place brand credibility in the case of 'clean, green' and '100% Pure' New Zealand destination brand positioning.

Place Brand Equity: Economic Value of ‘Clean, Green’ New Zealand

Short review of literature on the economic value of New Zealand's 'clean, green' national image and its '100% Pure' destination brand.
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