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country of origin

Diane Edwards on Brand Jamaica, Country Branding and Investment Attraction Strategies

Diane Edwards, President of the Jamaica Promotions Corporations, discusses country branding challenges, the power of Jamaica as country-of-origin and its potential to become the business hub of the Caribbean.

Paul Temporal on Nation Branding, Country Brands in Asia and Islamic Branding

Paul Temporal, Oxford University Associate Fellow and brand consultant, shares his thoughts on nation branding characteristics, country brands in Asia and the growing market of Islamic branding.

Massimo Giovanardi on Destination Marketing, Country-of-Origin and Tourism Overcrowding

Massimo Giovanardi in this interview talks about participatory destination marketing, the country-of-origin effect and how to deal with tourism overcrowding.

Gregory Pomerantsev on Aviation, Travel and Place Branding

Gregory Pomerantsev on city brands, airBaltic, Belarus country branding and the role of aviation and airlines in place branding

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Asia

Learn about the current state of place branding in Asia in the eyes of leading place brand developers, managers, researchers and place branding advisors.

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