Xavier Theret on Territorial Marketing and How Nantes Has Become Known as Creative and Innovative City

Xavier Theret in this interview discusses territorial marketing strategies and current challenges, and illustrates how the French city of Nantes has managed to position itself as a hub for creativity and culture.

France Country Performance, Economic Competitiveness, Brand Image and Reputation

France country performance, economic competitiveness, soft power, nation brand image and reputation: summary of international indices and studies on topics such as livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, talent attraction and tourism.

Marc Thébault on Place Marketing in France: City Branding Practices, Challenges and Trends

Marc Thébault of the Caen city region in this interview discusses the current state of place marketing and branding in France. Read about success strategies, good practice examples and pitfalls to avoid.

Paris City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Paris city performance, brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on livability, environmental performance, city brand value, economic development, sustainability, attractiveness and ease of doing business.

Digital Country Index 2017: Winners, Losers and Trends

José Filipe Torres, CEO of Madrid-based place branding advisory firm Bloom Consulting, discusses the winners and losers of the Digital Country Index 2017.

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