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Good Country Index

Robert Govers: Place Branding Scholar, Advisor, Speaker

Meet Robert Govers, a renowned international place branding advisor and author, exploring his influential work on city, region, and country reputation, and his role in shaping place branding theory and practice.

Good Country Index 2020: Simon Anholt Shares Key Insights

Simon Anholt on the key findings of the 2020 edition of the Good Country Index: which countries have improved and which haven't.

Simon Anholt on Competitive Identity and the Good Country

Simon Anholt is widely known in the place branding and public diplomacy community for his work on the competitive identity of places and -...

Good Country Index 2017 Findings: Simon Anholt on Good Country Leaders and Laggards

Good Country Index 2017 ranking results: Simon Anholt shares his thoughts on the latest Good Country study, the leaders, laggards and broader implications.

Brand China: The Chinese Dragon – Benign or Enflamed?

Do we visualize Brand China as a success story that has cleverly packaged its brand power? Aparna Sharma on China's nation branding and country image.

Simon Anholt on the Good Country Index and the Global Vote

Simon Anholt on his latest projects, the Global Vote and the Good Country Index, whose second version was published last week. In the interview Simon Anholt reflects on trends and the challenges of measuring how good - or bad - countries are for the global community.
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