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Auckland City Branding Success Story – Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Six

Learn about Auckland's city branding success story in this sixth episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, an interview with Shelley Watson and Clare Barker of Auckland Unlimited.

Auckland: A City Branding Success Story from Aotearoa New Zealand

Winner of City Nation Place's ‘Place Brand of the Year 2020’ award, every stage of building Auckland's city brand is notable. In this interview, Shelley Watson, Head of Marketing and Clare Barker, Brand Manager at Auckland Unlimited explain how their award-winning city brand came into being.

New Zealand a Good Place to Live, Invest or Visit? Country Report

New Zealand: a good country to live, invest or visit? Find out in this special report with perceptions and expert interviews on NZ's country brand strengths, its priorities and location opportunities.

Brand New Zealand: Reputation Strengths and Positioning Opportunities

What does Brand New Zealand stand for today? Which associations come to your mind linked to New Zealand's country brand positioning - and if you were in charge of Brand(ing) NZ, what would you do differently (if at all)? Experts answer.

Brian Richards on Place Branding Success Strategies and New Zealand

Brian Richards of Richards Partners in this interview reflects on what place branding strategies need to be successful, how New Zealand performs as country brand, as well as the trends and challenges influencing place branders around the world.

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