New Zealand

Auckland City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Auckland city brand strength and urban performance, according to studies measuring livability, economic competitiveness, creativity and sustainability.


Brandkit.io: Visual content marketing and storytelling at scale. The world’s first visual curation platform for destinations. Headquarters in New Zealand.

Stefan Roesch on Films, Destination Marketing and Tourism Opportunities

Stefan Roesch of New Zealand in this interview highlights the connections between films (feature films and TV productions), destination marketing and tourism.

New Zealand Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

New Zealand's country performance, competitiveness, nation brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on topics such as livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, talent attraction and tourism.

Rebecca Smith on the New Zealand Story, Country Branding and Destination Brands

Rebecca Smith in this interview discusses New Zealand's approach to country branding, how destination marketing influences country brands, the key ingredients for destination branding success and how New Zealand measures the impact and value of its place brand strategies.

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