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Norway’s Economic Performance, Country Brand Strength and Reputation

Explore Norway's economic performance, sustainability, country brand strength and reputation, according to leading rankings and indices.

Oslo City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Oslo: how attractive for investors, visitors, talent and digital nomads? Here our summary of international rankings and indices measuring Oslo's economic performance, its sustainability, brand strength and reputation.

Moa Björnson on How to Attract Talent to a Remote Archipelago: Example Træna in Norway

Moa Björnson shares how the archipelago of Træna in Norway is attracting entrepreneurs and talent - and a good deal of attention - through its innovative place branding initiatives.

Sneak Preview: Nordic Place Branding Conference 2020 in Oslo, Norway

Nordic Place Branding Conference 2020 is taking place in Oslo, Norway, April 2nd. We caught up with Future Place Leadership's Pärtel-Peeter Pere who tells us who should attend and why - how those in charge of fdi and talent attraction, place branding and destination branding will benefit.

Erling Fossen on Oslo, Building City Brand Reputation and Sustainable Urban Development

Erling Fossen, CEO of Oslo Metropolitan Area, in this interview illustrates how Oslo, Norway's dynamic capital, has built itself a strong city brand reputation while at the same time focusing on sustainable urban development.

How the Oslo Brand Toolbox Supports the City Branding of the Norwegian Capital

The Oslo Brand Toolbox is an innovative city branding strategy and example worth following. Oslo Brand Manager Tone-Lise Vilje in this case study tells us how the Oslo Brand Toolbox works, and how it supports the Norwegian capital's economic development and talent attraction ambitions.
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