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Place Brand Architecture: What Does It Mean and How to Use It?

Place brand architecture explained: its meaning, benefits, function and limitations, according to our international panel of place brand experts.

My Key Takeaways from the Doctoral Colloquium of the International Place Branding Association Conference in Swansea, December 2017

Shalini Bisani shares her key takeaways from the doctoral colloquium of the International Place Branding Association conference which took place in Swansea, Wales, early December 2017.

Destination Marketing: Insights from Leading Place Professionals

Looking to promote your destination? Read our guide to destination marketing: how to create a winning strategy that attracts more visitors.

Business Improvement Districts Explained: What BIDs Mean And Why They Matter

Business Improvement District (BID): Learn about what BIDs are, how they work and why they matter.

Public Diplomacy Reading List for Students and Researchers

Public diplomacy reading list for students and researchers, compiled by Professor Oliver Zöllner of Stuttgart Media University. Introductions, theory development and case studies from around the world.

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