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Difference Between Place Branding and Place Marketing: Quick Guide

Free Quick Guide explaining the difference between place branding and place marketing. Essential knowledge for those in charge of the branding of cities, regions, nations, countries and destinations.

Why Not to Confuse Place Branding and Place Marketing

Place branding and place marketing: where's the difference? Place reputation expert Robert Govers has answers - and illustrates how both can benefit cities, regions, countries.

5-Step Approach to Place Branding: Guide for Place Developers and Brand Managers

Learn which five steps constitute the place branding process. A How-To Guide for place brand developers in cities, regions, countries, destinations.

5 Place Branding Principles for Successful Brand Development and Management

Get to know the five place branding principles to guide the successful brand development or management for cities, regions, destinations, countries or nations.

Brand Legitimacy: Definition, Concept, Theory

Review of academic literature on brand legitimacy and the role of business and government leadership/actions for the perceived legitimacy of place brands.

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