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How Does Social Media Affect Place Brands? Opportunities and Risks

How do social media affect the brand of a country, city or destination? Most of us use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & co. but not...

Public Vs. Private Sector Branding Explained: Similarities and Differences

Which are the differences and similarities between public and private sector branding? Our international panel of place branding specialists has answers.

What Is A Brand – And What It Is Not: Branding Explained

What is a brand? Our panel of place brand specialists concurs that brands are much more than logos, design styles or taglines (all of which are becoming less important now). A must read for anyone involved with branding.

How Do Emotions Influence Place Branding Success?

What role do emotions play in place branding? How important are they for its success? Here the views of place brand experts around the world.

Place Brand Architecture: What Does It Mean and How to Use It?

Place brand architecture explained: its meaning, benefits, function and limitations, according to our international panel of place brand experts.

My Key Takeaways from the Doctoral Colloquium of the International Place Branding Association Conference in Swansea, December 2017

Shalini Bisani shares her key takeaways from the doctoral colloquium of the International Place Branding Association conference which took place in Swansea, Wales, early December 2017.
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