Destination Sustainability: How to Influence Visitor Behaviour and Encourage Responsible Travel

How destination managers and marketers can influence visitor behaviour and encourage responsible travel, as part of their effort to promote sustainable tourism and destination sustainability.

Strengthening Destination Sustainability Post COVID-19: How to Best Resume Tourism?

What can destination marketers and managers do to encourage tourism sustainability post the coronavirus pandemic? Find out from our global panel of specialists.

The Class of 2020 Trend Report: Key Insights on Placemaking and How We Live, Work and Learn

Latest insights and findings from The Class of 2020's report on trends and tendencies in how we live, study and work. Must read for talent attraction managers.

Climate Emergency: How Place Branding Strategies Can Help to Address It

How can place branding help to address the climate emergency - and how does a city's or country's stance towards dealing with climate change impact its reputation? Our expert panel has answers.

Hong Fan on City Branding in China, Image Research and Public Diplomacy

Hong Fan, professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Director of the National Image Research Center, in this interviews shares her research insights into city branding in China and her observations on what works and what doesn’t in place branding, in the Chinese context.

Brian Mullis on How Guyana Promotes Sustainable Tourism Through Innovative Destination Marketing and Management

Brian T. Mullis in this interview shares how the South American country Guyana approaches sustainable destination development by focusing on community-based tourism and value over volume in its destination marketing.
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