The Class of 2020 Trend Report: Key Insights on Placemaking and How We Live, Work and Learn

What does the future have in store for talent attraction, higher education and international mobility? How are cities, regions and countries adapting to new demands of mixed use live-work-learn environments? We asked Yoony Kim (Managing Director) and Lily Moodey (Programme Coordinator) of The Class of 2020 - a leading think tank for the future of living, working and learning. The two share latest insights from the recently published Class Annual Trend Report Edition 2020.

Which findings of the recently published 2020 Class Trend Report did you find most intriguing?

One of the most intriguing takeaways from The Class Trend Report was just how much the rental landscape has changed in Berlin so quickly. We ranked Berlin the top student city in 2018 for its strong universities with minimal tuition, affordable living, social openness and lots of fun.

Once poor but sexy, in two short years Berlin’s success has become its biggest problem. It now plays in the league with Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Lisbon in having to manage an influx of talent and new forces of gentrification.

When we interviewed some of our key city partners and real estate players in Berlin, we were intrigued to hear how they are navigating the challenges of lack of space and cost of land in trying to maintain a sustainable ecosystem for young talent.

The key theme of our report and of The Class Conference was ‘The Future is Blended.’ Through our research, we have witnessed not only the blurring of PBSA as an asset class but also the mixed use live-work-learn environments that makes talent stick and some of the new campus spaces required as physical and virtual learning blend.

When we wrote of these phenomena in the Trend Report, we could not have anticipated just how true this would become in a few short months, with the global higher education community adapting to online and blended learning and so many people experiencing an extreme blend in their living and working environments. We are watching with interest to see whether any of trends we predicted in future ways of living will be accelerated in the current crisis.

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The Editorial Team

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