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Brian Mullis on How Guyana Promotes Sustainable Tourism Through Innovative Destination Marketing and Management

Brian T. Mullis in this interview shares how the South American country Guyana approaches sustainable destination development by focusing on community-based tourism and value over volume in its destination marketing.

Jan Gehl on How To Make Cities More Liveable and Sustainable

Jan Gehl reflects on his long career as architect and urban design consultant and shares his thoughts how to make cities more liveable and sustainable: success factors and challenges ahead.

Placemaking Explained: Advice, Strategies And Examples

Placemaking: what is it all about? How do you do it and why? What role does placemaking play for place branding, talent attraction or economic development? Here's what experts think about the topic.

Michael Edwards on How the Loop Alliance Supports Placemaking and Economic Development in Downtown Chicago

Michael Edwards in this interview shares how the Chicago Loop Alliance is strengthening and promoting placemaking and economic development in downtown Chicago.

Erling Fossen on Oslo, Building City Brand Reputation and Sustainable Urban Development

Erling Fossen, CEO of Oslo Metropolitan Area, in this interview illustrates how Oslo, Norway's dynamic capital, has built itself a strong city brand reputation while at the same time focusing on sustainable urban development.

José Koechlin von Stein of Inkaterra Hotels on Tourism, Conservation and Community Development in Peru

José Koechlin von Stein in this interview introdudes us to the philosophy behind his multi-award winning, Inkaterra hotels in Peru and explains how they support local communities, the conservation of the country's spectacular biodiversity, and its economic development as destination.
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