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Helena Nordström on Place Branding in Sweden and Characteristics of Successful Place Brands

Helena Nordström of the Swedish consulting business Placebrander in this interview shares her experience with place branding in Sweden.

Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden on Country Brands and Destination Marketing in the Digital Era

Nation branding and destination marketing in the digital era are some of the topics which Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden discusses in this interview.

World Happiness Report 2017: In Which Countries Live World’s Happiest People?

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, people in Norway feel the happiest, closely followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

Jesper Falkheimer on Place Branding, Media and Strategic Communication

Professor Jesper Falkheimer of Lund University in Sweden on the links between place branding, media and strategic communication.

James Pamment on Strategic Communication, Public Diplomacy

James Pamment, Senior Lecturer at Lund University, in this interview discusses strategic communication, public diplomacy, and international development.

Annika Rembe on Sweden, Country Reputation and Public Diplomacy

Annika Rembe of the Swedish Institute explains how Sweden promotes itself abroad, its country branding challenges and public diplomacy strategies.
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