Climate Emergency: What Does It Mean For Place Branding?

Guest post by Malcolm Allan

Sitting in a presentation on place brand value at the recent CNP Global conference in London I was struck by the almost complete absence of discussion at the conference on the “Climate Emergency” and the almost total lack of action on it in many place brand strategies and action plans, with the honourable exception of Costa Rica.

Climate emergency issue missing in place branding discourse and strategies?

Unless I have missed it most of the place brand rating and tracking organisations do not factor in what places – countries, regions and cities – are doing to address the challenges of the climate emergency. Precious few even mention the issue in their strategies for the development of their brand offers and the experiences to be had there.

These concerns motivated me to raise this in conversation with people I work with in the place branding community around the world. Without exception, all recognised the validity of my concern and agreed that the time has come for this community, locally, nationally and globally, to have a serious conversation about the validity of including action to address the challenges of climate change in place brand strategies, their plans of action, implementation and delivery.

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The Editorial Team

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