Interview with Frank Cutitta on City Branding and How to Build Smart and Resilient Cities

Ever since Philip Kotler in his interview with The Place Brand Observer mentioned smart cities as a key trend to watch in city branding and marketing, we've been wondering what this might look like. As the person in charge of new Smart & Resilient Cities website, Frank Cutitta knows a lot about the topic. In this interview, he explains us why smart cities are the future, who is leading the race and which are the main challenges for city managers and branders.

Learn about:

  • How to define a smart or a resilient city;
  • The challenges of developing a smart & resilient city;
  • The current state of place branding in the U.S.;
  • Five ingredients for developing a smart and resilient city brand;
  • Trends in city branding and -marketing;
  • 3 recommendations of books for those in charge of building smart and resilient cities.

Frank, a few words on your current professional projects and responsibilities?

I currently devote most of my time driving the editorial and data aspects of new website Smart & Resilient Cities. The driving force behind the launch of the S&RC portal is Scranton Gillette Communications, an established media and events company near Chicago specializing in numerous infrastructure segments.

I also sit on a number of outside boards of directors and teach graduates courses in Intercultural Communications and Personal Branding at Northeastern University in Boston. In addition, I have another brand called Grays on Trays that focuses on teaching “mature beginners” how to snowboard.

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The Editorial Team

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