Interview with Maria Cristina Paganoni on City Branding and New Media

Today, we head to Milano in the North of Italy, where Maria Cristina Paganoni has been researching how new media is used in city branding - with key insights now published in [easyazon_link identifier="1137387955" locale="US" tag="tpbous-20"]City Branding and New Media[/easyazon_link] by Palgrave Macmillan.

Learn about:

  • Why city branding should focus on heritage and transmedia storytelling;
  • The role mega-events, like World Expos, play in city branding;
  • Why local governments should pay attention to how they build their online identities, and why citizen feedback should be taken seriously;
  • How new media can favor emerging forms of ‘participatory and embodied appropriation’ of place;
  • Why local creativity should become a central part of the place brand;
  • How local municipal governments use new media in their communication agendas.

Cristina, what stirred your interest in place branding?

My interest in place branding stems from a number of personal and professional factors. At a personal level I love travelling and writing about it, but I also like discovering ‘familiar’ places. As they keep changing, places require constant monitoring and interpretation. Besides, the interaction between people and place is fascinating.

At a professional level, as an academic specialised in discourse analysis, multimodality and web-mediated communication, I find the convergence between place branding and new media a rewarding field of research, and one with a relevant social focus.

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