Paris City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Paris: the French capital is one of the best known cities and among the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. It has for centuries been a global reference for culture, travel, art and commerce. Events such as the yearly Fashion Week or the COP21 in 2015 guarantee continued international attention.

However, Paris has also faced severely negative episodes in recent years due to repeated terrorist attacks (January and November 2015, among others). Does the city still enjoy a good brand image and performance? What do the different indices say about the reputation of Paris, its innovation capacity, business attractiveness and sustainability?

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How strong is the brand and reputation of Paris?

With a recently renovated image for the Paris Office du Tourisme, introduced in 2016, the city is betting on a more contemporary and less cliché feel for the French capital.

According to the Anholt-GFK Roper City Brand Index, which evaluates the power and appeal of a city’s image, in 2015 Paris won back the 1st position from London. This was possible thanks to its remarkable performance in international presence and quality of place, which refers to physical outdoors aspect and transport.

However, in the City RepTrack 2017, a global index which measures overall reputation of leading cities around the world, Paris ranked only 24th out of 56. Despite the French capital being the leader in terms of city awareness, several others outrank it for likeability, support and loyalty, including Sydney, Copenhagen and Vienna.

How innovative and influential is Paris?

Putting aside the influence Paris and France have been acquiring at a European and global level with Mr. Emmanuel Macron’s Presidency, the French capital has also been investing in infrastructure and innovation initiatives for a while. In 2017 the city ranked 3rd in the Global Cities Index, which measures global influence performance and potential, where Paris scored 53.2 and 62.3 respectively.

Surpassed only by New York and London, Paris is part of the global influence elite. Thanks to its recent improvements in economics (foreign direct investment, infrastructure, proliferation of business incubators) and governance, the city moved from 13th position in 2016 to 3rd in 2017.

In terms of innovation, Paris has maintained its role as Europe's second-best hub for innovation. In 2018, it holds 9th position in the Innovation Cities index that evaluates 500 cities across the world.

As for the Global Power City Index, which evaluates the appeal of cities through the eyes of global actors such as managers, researchers, artists, visitors and residents, Paris ranked 4th out of 44 with a score of 1282.1/1800. It was placed after London, New York and Tokyo. Accessibility (1st), cultural interaction (3rd) and livability (7th) were its most remarkable dimensions as measured by the index. Research and development (10th), economy (12th) and environment (28th) were the less performing ones.

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