Edith Wong of Invest Hong Kong on FDI and Talent Attraction Strategies

Edith Wong, Chief Marketing Officer at Invest Hong Kong, illustrates how "Asia's World City" positions itself as attractive place for foreign direct investment and businesses.

Chunying Wen on Place Branding Research and City Branding in China

Chunying Wen, place branding scholar and Professor at the Communication University of China in Beijing, in this interview discusses place branding research and city branding in China. Learn about the growing interest in a less marketing-focused and more resident-centered, inclusive approach to city branding.

Don Dioko on Macau, Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding in China

Don Dioko, Professor and Director of the International Tourism Research Centre in Macau, China, reflects on tourism marketing and destination branding research. He also addresses the pitfalls of region branding, refering to China’s Greater Bay Area development.

China Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

China country performance, nation brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, soft power and talent attraction.

Why Chinese Cities Need More City Branding: Example Ningbo

Ramon Thomas on why Chinese cities, such as Ningbo, should focus more on strategic city branding to benefit from international recognition on top of their strong economic development performance.

2017 Country Reputation Ranking: Leaders, Highlights and Trends

Country reputation study 2017: Nicolas Georges Trad shares key findings of RepTrak ranking and reflects on changes in country reputation over the last years.
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