Interview with Albert Salman on Green Destinations and Sustainable Tourism Leadership

Albert Salman, founder and director of Green Destinations and the initiator of the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), in this interview discusses sustainable destinations, greenwashing and its potential consequences. He also explains the significance of transparency and the need for more collaboration within destinations.

Learn about:

  • How Green Destinations defines the term "destination";
  • How destinations can avoid green-washing risking their reputation;
  • How the Top 100 Green Destinations initiative is helping destinations;
  • Why there is a need for more collaboration between sustainability managers and destination marketers.

Albert, how would you define a ‘destination’ within the Green Destination project?

Destinations can be countries, states, regions, cities, towns, or protected areas, but they should not be much larger than 40,000 sq km, which is the size of Bhutan. They should have an administrative organisation responsible for destination management.

Accommodations, single buildings, attractions and theme parks are not considered a destination. However, Eco-lodges should be considered destinations if they have a recognized and strong stewardship for a large area that is otherwise not managed.

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The Editorial Team

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