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Diane Edwards on Brand Jamaica, Country Branding and Investment Attraction Strategies

Diane Edwards, President of the Jamaica Promotions Corporations, discusses country branding challenges, the power of Jamaica as country-of-origin and its potential to become the business hub of the Caribbean.

3 Nation Branding Pitfalls Country Branding Professionals Should Avoid

Aparna Dutt Sharma discusses three nation branding pitfalls - challenges which country branding professionals frequently encounter in their attempts to position their country favorably in the eyes of potential investors, visitors and global talent.

Paul Temporal on Nation Branding, Country Brands in Asia and Islamic Branding

Paul Temporal, Oxford University Associate Fellow and brand consultant, shares his thoughts on nation branding characteristics, country brands in Asia and the growing market of Islamic branding.

Brand Singapore: Nation Branding After Lee Kuan Yew, In A Divisive World – Book Review

Review of Brand Singapore: Nation Branding after Lee Kuan Yew, in a Divisive World by Buck Song Koh. Essential reading for place branding professionals.

Hume Johnson on Brand Jamaica and Nation Branding in the Americas

Hume Johnson in this interview discusses Brand Jamaica, nation branding challenges and destination branding in the Americas.

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