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Brand Asia at World Economic Forum Davos: Underpitched or Overplayed?

India nation brand expert Aparna Sharma reflects on the role of Brand Asia at the World Economic Forum in Davos, calling for a more nuanced, strategic approach to country promotion and brand positioning.

Country Brands: Nation Branding En Vogue (Again)

The Place Brand Observer editor Florian Kaefer reflects on the growing popularity of country brands and nation branding as a means to attract investment, visitors and talent.

Country Brands Asia: Bhutan – A Demure Brand

Nation brand expert Aparna Sharma visits the country of Bhutan to explore "Brand Bhutan" and its guiding principle, Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Brazil, Olympics, Media Representation: Wild Like the Jungle?

Brazil place brand expert Caio Esteves reflects on stereotypical media representations, the country image of Brazil and the country's unconsolidated national identity.

Brexit And Its Implications: View From India

Implications of Brexit on India and its relations with the UK is the focus of this article by nation brand and country-of-origin expert Aparna Sharma.

BREXIT: Consequences for UK Country Image, Nation Brand and Europe

Brexit and its consequences: World's leading experts in country image and nation brands on what Brexit means for the United Kingdom and Europe.
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