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Peru Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Peru country guide: its economic competitiveness, nation brand strength and reputation, according to international rankings and indices.

Rolando Arellano on the Brief History of Peru’s Recent Economic Development and New Sense of Belonging

Brand Peru, the country's economic development and its new found sense of belonging and identity are the main topics which Dr Rolando Arellano addresses in this interview.

Ernesto Melgar on How Peru Has Strengthened its Country Brand and National Identity

Ernesto Melgar in this interview shares his thoughts on Peru's history, challenges and ambitions and how smart country branding has helped it regain and strengthen its self-esteem and sense of national identity.

Xabier Díaz de Cerio on Peru as Destination and its Country-of-Origin Potential

How Peru has changed and evolved over the last twenty years, its challenges and potential - the topics discussed by Xabier Díaz de Cerio of Fábrica de Ideas in Lima.

José Koechlin von Stein of Inkaterra Hotels on Tourism, Conservation and Community Development in Peru

José Koechlin von Stein in this interview introdudes us to the philosophy behind his multi-award winning, Inkaterra hotels in Peru and explains how they support local communities, the conservation of the country's spectacular biodiversity, and its economic development as destination.

Peru as Destination, its National Identity and Branding: Country Report

In our Peru country report we investigate where Peru is coming from and where it is going, how it has managed to build itself such a strong and favorable reputation as destination for foodies. A series of interviews with Peruvian observers and changemakers.
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