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Andrej Kóňa on Destination Slovakia, Nation Brands and Country Reputation

Andrej Kóňa of Brand Institute Slovakia in this interview shares his thoughts on Slovakia as destination, its country reputation and nation brand.

Jonathan McClory on Soft Power, Nation Branding and Country Reputation in Asia

Jonathan McClory, General Manager for Asia at Portland Communications, in this interview discusses the links between soft power, place branding and country reputation.

When Public Diplomacy Meets City Branding: The Case of The Hague, Netherlands

What happens when public diplomacy meets city branding? Ingrid de Beer and Arthur van Buitenen reflect on the success of The Hague in the Netherlands and its Peace and Justice Project.

Oliver Zöllner of Stuttgart Media University on Place Branding in Germany

Oliver Zöllner, Professor at Stuttgart Media University in southwest Germany, offers a down-to-earth, slightly critical view on place branding.

Public Diplomacy in Indonesia and Southeast Asia: Trends and Challenges

In this guest post USC Annenberg graduate and junior ministry official Gadis Ranty shares her thoughts on public diplomacy in Indonesia and Southeast Asia - the trends and challenges.

Joshua Miller of the U.S. State Department on Research-Driven Diplomacy

Joshua Miller of the US State Department on why sound market research is so important for state agencies and bureaus and how it can support the work of public diplomacy professionals.
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