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City Reputation Ranking 2014: Insights and Interpretations

Summary of key insights from the 2014 City Reputation Ranking by the Reputation Institute, and interpretations of results.

Why Germany First in 2014 Nation Brands Index Is Good News

Summary and thoughts on result of Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index 2014: Reasons and implications of Germany as most admired country and nation brand.

Japan, Switzerland and Germany Lead Country Brand Index 2014

Japan, Switzerland, Germany have the strongest country brands, according to Country Brand Index 2014. But what makes a strong country brand? Some answers.

Place Image and Reputation: Definition, Concepts, Theory

Summary of academic literature on the perceptions of places, factors influencing place image and reputation, and the six dimensions of national reputation. Get to know the key scholars and their publications.

Top or Flop? Good and Bad Place Brand Rankings

Eduardo Oliveira discusses place brand rankings, whether we should perceive of cities, countries as brands, or have we all succumbed to ranking fetish?
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