How to Develop a City Branding Strategy: Example Cork, Ireland

Place branding expert Malcolm Allan of Placematters shares this case study and example of region branding and marketing of Cork in South-West Ireland.

This brand strategy is the product of twenty months hard work by a brand development team led by Colliers International Destination Consulting (Dublin), with Fuzion Design and PR (Cork), Location Connections (London) and Placematters (West Sussex).

Learn about:

  • The client, objective (brief), and key stakeholders;
  • The brand problem Cork city region;
  • The strategy used to enhance the branding and marketing efforts of the region of Cork;
  • Auditing (current perceptions of the Cork city region);
  • Development of the brand proposition;
  • Final testing, refining and briefing of Cork's city region branding strategy.


The client for the project was a public private partnership of major stakeholders in the region consisting of Cork City, Cork County, Cork Chamber of Commerce, the Port of Cork, Cork Airport, Cork Institute of Technology, University College Cork, the South West Regional Authority and Fáilte Ireland (the national tourism development body).


The objective was to reach agreement among stakeholders, informed by consultation in the community, on a galvanizing vision for the development of the region that would inform the development of a brand strategy - a focused brand proposition that would encapsulate region’s key value propositions for existing businesses, potential investors, local and migrant workers.

The brief for the brand development team, which has evolved and expanded over the period, required it to:

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The Editorial Team

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